Fellesskapet Sant’Egidio

Because action and prayer

go together

community work
Friendship in a bowl

From Jesus, the best of friends


Since the 21st of December of 2016, a group of volunteers living in Oslo gathered to share a cup of soup in a cold winter night and after that, we continued doing so.

Nowadays, we gather two or more Mondays a month to bring the warmth of friendship in the shape of a bowl of soup.

Our group is pretty mixed, young and older people, Norwegians and from international backgrounds. While most of us are Catholic, and the Kitchen we use is kindly donated by St. Olav's catholic parish, everyone no matter creed or traditions is welcome to join us.

This is open to religious and non religious people alike.



We work in a relaxed and cooperative environment we have a culture of respect, freedom and care.

Friendship starts at home.

We take a fixed route to deliver the food and the drinks. The purpose is to hand out a bit of nourishment to those who are perhaps hungry, want a little company or feel a little blue, no distinctions, and that includes us too. Meaning we consume our own product too!

Is this something for you?

Contact us! Pinch the heart.


Christmas Party

St Olav Cathedral

Catholic Church in Oslo