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How to help
Shopping groceries

For this activity, you will keep in touch with the organizer via email or sms, while planning the menu. We buy the goods the same day or late in the night to have them as fresh as possible.


Kitchen help

From 15:00 to 17:30 you can show up in the kitchen to help out cutting vegetables, arranging the bread, making tea tea or other beverages.

There is also some cleaning. Send an sms if you will come. Follow the calender here


Out to the streets

From 18:00 to 20:00 the volunteers gather and start our route down central Oslo

At this stage, you will help handing out soup, bread beverages and some fruits or sweets. We chat a little and we do our journey smiling and in good mood. Remember that we are meeting friends. Then we walk  back to the church´s kitchen, and leave everything in place for next time.



You can donate food. Sandwiches, cakes, chocolate. The best is to ask so we do not waste.

You can donate goods such as spoons, napkins, paper cups and containers *we speak about this because we have a measure already.

You can donate money *smalls amounts are better than large because we buy in a conservative way. We have a bank account for Suppe og Vennskap so you can send us an email that we will receive as: A LITTLE HELP FROM A FRIEND.

You can get the information here:



Every single person who comes to Suppe og Vennskap kitchen, imprint a special donation, and this is time.

An hour, few minutes, the full journey. One time or every time. Time to bake a cake, to make a sandwich, to make tea or coffee.

Time to buy wool and knit scarfs, time to make a bank transfer and write an email to us . Time to come by the parish offices and leave envelopes with money for us to keep going. Time, precious time.

 And whatever your motivation is, as personal it might be, is delivered in that soup, drinks and extras.

In every smile we meet and in every effort from your part.

And that is why, perhaps, as small as we are as a group, every action is never little. The ones who believe could say that  when in Christ, all actions of love, remain as a print in the heart, forever.

Suppe og Vennskap is a place for enjoyment. For making friends, but the most important, for giving friendship.

A sentiment we know through Christ, the best friend. 


Offer a prayer

for those we meet

for the volunteers

for the new to come

and for Suppe og Vennskap to grow

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